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Land:  Iran
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IRIB TV2 (شبكه دو in Persian), is one of the 32 national television channels in Iran. It was the first television channel established in Iran after the revolution, created in 1979. As Iran's population grew, the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting decided to introduce a new channel, hoping it to be a compliment to Channel 1.
IRIB 5  Iran - Öffentliches
IRIB TV5, is an Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting television channel. The channel is one of the newer television channels in Iran and was

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MTC Melli TV  Iran - Öffentliches
MTC is an independent Persian Television station broadcasting its programming all over the world bringing you entertainment from allaround the world.

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Ahl-E-Bait TV  Iran - Öffentliches
Ahlebait TV is a Shia Muslim TV channel based in the United Kingdom. The mission statement on its website stipulates that the main objectives of

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Farsi1  Iran - Lokales
FARSI1 was launched on 1st August 2009. It is the first channel to offer quality, compelling entertainment programs dubbed in the Farsi language.

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Persian Bazaar TV  Iran - Öffentliches
Broadcasting from California, Persian Bazaar Television (PBTV) aims to offer a wide array of Persian language programming, which inform and

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Jaam-e-Jam 3  Iran - Öffentliches
Jame Jam 3 (IRIB 3) is a television channel showing programs for Iranians living outside of Iran, specifically in Asia and Oceania. The programs

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